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Emeraude Energy

Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy trading.
3 subsidiaries and 3 active participations in the energy transition.


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Produce better

As a major player in renewable energies, Emeraude Energy helps you produce low-carbon energy. We develop, finance, build and operate photovoltaic power plants on the ground, on agricultural land and on roofs. We monitor and optimize their operation.

Buy better

In a context of high price volatility, Emeraude Energy has developed an intelligent platform to anticipate the evolution of the electricity markets and help you buy your energy better.

Consume better

Because reducing your energy consumption is a major financial and ecological issue. Emeraude Energy offers innovative digital solutions to facilitate the acquisition and analysis of your data and the implementation of improvement plans.

Our companies

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Developer and operator since 2012 of ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants and Agrivoltaic solutions in France.

– Private or public
– Business or industrial
– Farm owner or farmer

Emeraude Solar
Integrated developer and operator of ground and rooftop photovoltaic power plants since 2009.

– Landowners
– Building owners
– Car park owner
– Owner of plants for sale

Emeraude Asset Management
Specialists in the management of assets and the optimisation of their energy production or consumption

– Renewable energy producer
– Investment funds
– Facility Manager

As the inventor of a patented metering solution deployed in more than 35 countries, we help you improve your energy performance and reduce your carbon impact

– Responsible for the energy consumption of an industrial or tertiary site
– Responsible for the implementation of an Energy Management System
– Project manager ISO 5001, CEE, tertiary decree, certification

As a market expert, we use artificial intelligence to predict the evolution of our clients’ sales prices

– Trader or energy market specialist
– Energy producer
– Energy procurement manager for an industrial or service site

Emeraude Trading
Specialist in energy markets. Offers direct and intuitive market access to all electricity producers and consumers, whatever their size

– Energy producer
– Energy consumer
– Interested in accessing markets more directly

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